Little Johnny, sister Ann, dad and mum went to church one day. After participating in the worship they returned home. While enjoying their cup of tea in the drawing-room, they commented on what happened during the church service. Dad said, ‘Hey, that preacher was stretching the message too far’. Mum added, ‘The music was not that good today, I could have done a better job’.Sister Ann piped up and said, ‘Why should they take two offerings? One is quite enough, isn’t it? Little Johnny listen to all their comments and then quietly said, ‘Dad, Mum and Ann, why are you talking against the church like this? After all, for the one rupee we gave, the show was pretty good!” This may evoke laughter. But are we not spectators in the church? Evangelism is the responsibility of every christian. There is no Place for spectators in the Kingdom of God.

There is so much need for full-time evangelist like Peter and over-time evangelist like Stephen, Philip, Aquila and Priscilla who shared the gospel not because it was their profession but because they were constrained by the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. God can use ordinary people like you and me to fulfill his purposes.      


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