who is our enemy?

Today’s world contradicts the fact that we were all saved by grace not by our works. In exodus 23 there were many laws that Moses gave to the Israelites and they were all without mercy. If we are to follow them today almost all of us would have been stoned to death, but God through his son Jesus Christ has brought us grace and mercy which has saved us from condemnation. Therefore we have been saved by grace not by works.

Who is really an enemy?  The bible says Satan has been an enemy of God from the beginning till now, and anyone who is God’s enemy is our enemy; his delight is to destroy God’s creation. Therefore our primary enemy is the devil, the devil does not appear physically to hurt us he either uses people and things around us to make sure he brings us down. Most people today do not see the devil but see their fellow human in action therefore they pray against them. Satan is a spirit we cannot kill him only God has a final say for him, so praying for our enemy to die is a deceiving prayer that the devil is using to disunite us as brethren he (Satan) want us to see people around us as enemies using his demonic agents to manipulate them. He made these demons to speak through weaker brethren of havoc they have committed even the ones they were unable to do because he (Satan) is a big liar. The fact is we don’t  have any other enemy other than Satan and his agents.

Now that we know our enemy how do we handle him and those he uses to harm us? Thank God for Jesus pointed it out in Matthew 5: 43-45 that we should pray for our enemies and we should not hate them, when we pray for those the devil is using. The devil we leave them and they we love us as their fellow brethren, it might not be sudden but as Christian our faith should be patient and enduring for God will surely answer our prayers. Paul also stretch it further that do good to those that hate you for when you do that the spirit of hatred in them will no longer comprehend with your good and the spirit will go out of them through your prayers also. Romans 12:9-21

The devil is also a big liar and deceiver he can manipulate the faces of your loved one’s in your dreams for you to think they are your enemies but he is just using that means to create disunity between brethren so we should always watch and pray lest we fall into temptation.



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